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Your perfect print needs a fantastic frame
- make your artwork sing!


They are your knight in shining moulding! Transporting glazed prints is a fine art in itself - and with all the potential smashing and expenses - I thoroughly recommend using your local framer. Especially with the larger prints A1+ as getting a professional job done will make your piece last a lifetime. A quick google search in your area and you're bound to find one. Unique Arts are based in Brighton but they can ship - check them out HERE

This moulding can be easily ordered by your local framer. It works well for prints up to A1 size when professionally framed. If you are buying online and placing the print in yourself go to A2 maximum - as it needs the support of professional taping. Here are some links to help: Online framer: Unique ArtsDMR FramingFrames.co.uk Bamboo Moulding supplier: Brampton Framing 

I recommend Unique Arts - they stock the fantastic Nielsen Alph Oak (used for the Niwas Collection & Love Anenome) also the 
Nielsen A0 frame online HERE. and the gold bamboo - they ship world-wide and they can also do custom pieces. Use code: COVERDALE10 for 10% discount

I have designed most of my prints to seem as if the flowers are bursting out of the design. To keep this effect I recommend using NO MOUNT. If you have a dark print I would also always recommend NON-REFLECTIVE GLAZING - to get the best visibility possible.

GIANT SIZE (A0 & 900 x 900mm)
Ideally these big beauties really need protection and considered framing, sealing. Alas the gold bamboo is too thin for this size - but I do recommend choosing a nice worn brushed gold. Your local framer will have a catalogue for you to choose from. The picture in the middle above is A0 size. BUT If you want a quick short term fix you can buy the Nielsen A0 frame online HERE. 

For posters I can also recommend magnetic poster hangers (see above) - you can find these on Amazon - go for 42cm. For small scale or budget framing I can also recommend https://www.frames.co.uk/ They deliver and have great customer support. Excellent Oak and thin gold frames also at Desenio - For postcards I have used these coloured ones on Etsy or lovely Large A4 size - portrait glass and metal from Notonthehighstreet