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~ How to Hang a Blanket ~

I am sure that there are many fancy ways of hanging these... 
But I have been using a very easy and quick fix.

Upholstery Pins are my Secret!

~ Buy them HERE
Or just tap ‘upholstery pins’ into google. The pins fit between the weave and have a soft round head. Pop one in each corner.  Start at the top left. You can use a minimum of about 5 - but four evenly spaced along each edge is better. You can also purchase them in different finishes depending on your taste. I like the antique old finish.

~ Care
I have had my blankets up for over a year and have taken them down and put them back up again and not seen any damage or pulling so far. BUT As they are natural cotton they are likely to fade after prolonged placement in direct sunlight - just be wary of this.

~ Be Safe
Please use your discretion, and DIY carefully. I am not a professional wall mounter or framer - I just struck lucky with a system that works for me. Alas I accept no responsibility for crumbly walls, falling off ladders and pin stuck fingers! x

~ You will need:

  1. Hammer or tin of beans (yes, this has worked for me)
  2. Ladder or something to give you height
  3. Minimum of 5 upholstery pins buy HERE
  4. Keen eye or a level to make sure your blanky isn't wonky.
  5. SEE VIDEO ABOVE on how to start (from the top left corner is easiest)

Good luck! x

If you fancy this blanket she can be found HERE