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Lovejoy - Mural
Lovejoy - Mural
Lovejoy - Mural
Lovejoy - Mural
Lovejoy - Mural

Lovejoy - Mural

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Immerse in a soft and fluffy prairie of wild blush blossoms, sweet grasses and Cuppy Firedills. A perfect view to somewhere joyful and comforting. Don't forget to look for plenty of smiling blossoms and Derek the tiny punk iguana hidden within! Perfect as a feature wall garden or a whole room.

Size: Width 210cm x Height 300cm
Repeat: Side to side only - 210cm
Supplied: Whole Mural is on one roll (3 drops - 70cm wide x 3m High)
Paper: Luxury Non-Woven - using water-based eco-friendly inks
Arrival: Printed to Order - Allow 10-15 Working Days before dispatch
Orders Placed Every Tuesday

Shorter Wall?
Crop the excess amount from the bottom of each panel and the design still blooms. 
Wider Wall?
No worries - just add another roll. The image repeats side to side.

How to Hang:
This is paste the wall paper. The Mural comes on numbered panelled rolls (like standard wallpaper). You start on the left of the wall with Roll 1, Panel 1 and work towards the right with Panels 2, 3, and then repeat if you would like a whole immersive space.

Note: In my studio image the papers are hung loose and only stuck at the top with velcro. The joins will be very subtle when properly pasted. Shown here as a colour guide.

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